In this ever-changing world, we can offer you a safe solution for your employees and your customers. Give your employees peace of mind knowing that they’re safer to greet customers and customers feeling comfortable while they are being served.

We offer you the solution for your business to immediately protect your employees and valued customers by installing our permanent or temporary virus counter guard (sometimes referred to as a “sneeze guard”). Whether your businesses are convenient stores, restaurants, grocery stores, or another that deals with the public on a daily basis, your business will benefit by Virus counter Guard. Your employees will need less sick-time and your valued customers will feel better and safer when they see your business using our product.

The Virus Counter Guard comes completely assembled and can be easily adjusted from 36″ to 70″ wide and installed in less than 10 minutes. The retail service window is centered in the middle with two hinged adjustable sides.

Order today or contact us to discuss your individual business and/or your multiple locations.


  • Durable: 1/4″ TUFFAK® Polycarbonate Structure.

  • Long-Lasting: Concealed Geared Select Hinges™

  • Portable: 2 different options: Suction Cup or Velcro Tape

  • Permanent: Bolt directly to a countertop option

  • Size: 36″ high and can be adjusted from 36″ to 70″ wide

Sneeze Guard
Blue Print

3 Different Attachment Configurations

Hardware included!

Suction Cup

Mounting Suction Cup

Velcro Tape

Mounting Velcro

Bolt On

Mounting Bold