Virus Counter Guard

Virus Control Systems has developed a state of the art “Virus Counter Guard“ that can be used almost everywhere that one has face-to-face connections with others; whether that’s at a convenience store, coffee shop, or sandwich shop as a permanent install or used as a temporary fixture at a football game ticket table or a church bake sale.

The Virus Counter Guard made by Virus Control Systems is the best-made product of its kind in the world:

  • 36” high with a retail window and adjustable to any size counter or space from 36” to 70” wide.
  • Adjustable to almost any counter shape space.
  • Portable and/or temporary uses.
  • Installation takes about 10 minutes with a few tools and one helper. No need to hire expensive contractors to install.
  • Clear durable virus counter guard is made with 1/4” polycarbonate.
  • Select hinges are the strongest in the market and are mounted on each side of the front counter section giving it superior strength.
  • 6 heavy aluminum wall “ L” brackets to fasten virus counter guard permanently to the counter or temporarily by using the 6 polyurethane suction cups.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your customers and employees feel better about buying from your establishments knowing you care about their safety.